Originally from Marseilles, J.M SKALLI is an artist with an eclectic background.

In 1998, he made his dream come true: to become a jewelry designer in the city of light, Paris.

He then created his brand, SKALLI.

He imagines and designs collections in Mediterranean colors, warm and bright, which combine excellence with a refined and contemporary design, thus signing a new style.

Its rapid success enabled it to invest in Parisian department stores and to distribute everywhere, particularly in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Eternal traveler, he draws his inspiration from different cultures, mixing them with his Mediterranean identity.

Eighteen thrilling years allowing him to do an interlude in order to begin a world tour.

He returns to his hometown, Marseille, under the benevolent eye of the "Good-mother" more imaginative than ever.

He then reinvents himself and offers exclusive and timeless collections, always with the deep desire to sublimate all women.